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Home Selling Tips: Increasing your Home’s Value

Before you take the big leap and sell your home, why not follow these tips to increase its value and, as a result, your revenue from the sale?

Small improvements go a long way

One of the biggest misconceptions in home improvement is that bigger renovations equal bigger return of investment. That is not always the case! Small improvements and minor replacements such as new window treatments, permanent lighting, and better faucets and hardware can increase your home’s total value.

Don’t forget the curb

Curb appeal helps grab the attention of potential homebuyers, so make sure to invest some time and money to freshen it up. Accentuate nice features like archways and walkways, and eliminate negative aspects. Remember: homebuyers are drawn to properties that look well-maintained and looked after.

Once you’re done with the improvements, make sure your listing’s photos are in full color, especially if you also sweetened up your home’s landscaping.

All about kitchens and bathrooms

If you really want to significantly increase the value of your home, concentrate on two important areas: the kitchen and the bathroom. If you’re going for a major upgrade, don’t forget to keep the overall look timeless to suit different tastes. This may also be a great time to invest in smart home technology and water-saving systems, making your home more efficient and eco-friendly.

Don’t add another room; finish the basement!

If you’ve got an unfinished basement, this may be the best time to finally finish it for good. This increases your home’s value, and is attractive among homebuyers. Turn it into an entertainment center, a man cave, a guest room – the choices are endless.

Hire a certified home inspector

To make better, informed decisions, it’s best to hire a certified home inspector. This way, you’ll know your home’s current value and you’ll get a better picture of what you can do to improve it.

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Why you should sell your D.C. home this year

Dupont Circle row houses in Washington DC

You don’t need to wait for the “perfect” time to sell your home as the stars are all aligned for your real estate success this 2016. Here are a few reasons why.

Dupont Circle row houses in Washington DC

    1. Real estate inventories are low and demand is consistent. There is so much demand for real estate in the DC-area, there aren’t enough homes to accommodate all interested home buyers.

    Choosing to sell your home this year without further ado might help you snag a great deal in a relatively short period of time. Remember: where there is demand, there should be an adequate supply.

    2. Increased home values. The D.C.-area is becoming highly coveted by the day, and experts predict home values and median home prices will continue to increase this year. Coupled with the rise of mortgage rates, the odds of selling your home for a great price is high.

    3. Continued development. More and more neighborhoods in the DC-area are gaining reputation as the “next big thing,” all thanks to the steady stream of investment and development in these communities.

    If your home is located on one of these up-and-coming neighborhoods, you might see a significant rise in home values.

    4. Move-in ready homes are highly coveted. Real estate market trends predict that home sellers with move-in ready properties are more likely to gain the attention of prospective buyers simply for all the basic amenities and facilities already installed.

    Homebuyers are looking for such properties as this saves them a lot of time and money from any renovations or repairs.

    5. Increased consumer confidence. With the job market slowly getting back on track, more and more people are gaining confidence in making big purchases.

With increased consumer confidence, you can expect the number of prospective buyers in the D.C.-area (and even from beyond) rise, thereby increasing your chances of making a better profit.

All in all, real estate experts and market trends point to the fact that 2016 will be a stellar year for Washington, DC real estate. For more information about selling your home, log on to this page.

Home Selling Tips: Why You Need Great Photos

No matter how wonderful your home is, it could in the market for weeks or months if you don’t have excellent marketing material. Homebuyers make snap judgments as they browse through online listings. Uploading well-photographed, high-quality images of your home creates a good first impression of your property before homebuyers even drop by for a showing.

Having great photos also help you maximize your home’s market potential. They showcase your home’s best features while downplaying its flaws. On the flipside, bad photos can make your home seem less attractive than it really is.

Home sellers know the importance of curb appeal, as you will see on our Sellers page. However, pix appeal is just as important. Here’s how to get it.

  1. Hire a professional photographer
    This is the easiest thing to do. A real estate photographer can take care of everything, from proper lighting to angles. If you’re concerned about cost, shop around for a professional whose fee fits right in with your budget.
  2. Know the basics of photography
    If hiring a professional is out of the question, you can always take the photos yourself. YouTube tutorials, how-to blog posts, and forums are great online resources for basic photography skills.
  3. Use a good camera
    High-resolution photos look better on computer and mobile screens, so use a good camera. If you don’t have an SLR, you can use a digital camera or a camera phone with higher megapixels.
  4. Stage your home
    Before you shoot, arrange your furniture in such a way that it opens up the space. Clear away clutter, such as toys and knickknacks. Draw the curtains back to let in as much natural light as possible.
  5. Take plenty of photos
    Take as many photos as you can at various angles and lighting conditions. This gives you more options to choose the most flattering photos for your online listing.

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