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Home Selling Tips: Increasing your Home’s Value

Before you take the big leap and sell your home, why not follow these tips to increase its value and, as a result, your revenue from the sale?

Small improvements go a long way

One of the biggest misconceptions in home improvement is that bigger renovations equal bigger return of investment. That is not always the case! Small improvements and minor replacements such as new window treatments, permanent lighting, and better faucets and hardware can increase your home’s total value.

Don’t forget the curb

Curb appeal helps grab the attention of potential homebuyers, so make sure to invest some time and money to freshen it up. Accentuate nice features like archways and walkways, and eliminate negative aspects. Remember: homebuyers are drawn to properties that look well-maintained and looked after.

Once you’re done with the improvements, make sure your listing’s photos are in full color, especially if you also sweetened up your home’s landscaping.

All about kitchens and bathrooms

If you really want to significantly increase the value of your home, concentrate on two important areas: the kitchen and the bathroom. If you’re going for a major upgrade, don’t forget to keep the overall look timeless to suit different tastes. This may also be a great time to invest in smart home technology and water-saving systems, making your home more efficient and eco-friendly.

Don’t add another room; finish the basement!

If you’ve got an unfinished basement, this may be the best time to finally finish it for good. This increases your home’s value, and is attractive among homebuyers. Turn it into an entertainment center, a man cave, a guest room – the choices are endless.

Hire a certified home inspector

To make better, informed decisions, it’s best to hire a certified home inspector. This way, you’ll know your home’s current value and you’ll get a better picture of what you can do to improve it.

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7 Ways to keep your home stylish and pet-friendly

Playful paws Pets are part of the family, and most of us will go to great lengths just to make sure they are comfortable. Here are seven practical tips that will make your home pet-friendly without sacrificing style.

1. Go for durable fabrics.

    Dogs and cats love to hang out at comfortable sofas and the like, so it’s best to make wise upholstery choices. Stay away from linen and tweed as they can easily get ripped by dog nails. Instead, choose performance velvet. Spot cleaning won’t be an issue, and it repels mud as well.

2. Choose when to splurge and save.

    As a pet owner, you have a good idea of what will get dirty, stained, or even destroyed by your pets. List down these home items and choose budget-friendly options. You can splurge on stylish accents that won’t get damaged by your pets.

3. Invest in throw blankets.

    Throw blankets liven up any room with splashes of patterns and color, but you can also use them to protect your upholstery from muddy paws as well as fur. This will come in handy if you’ve already invested in a gorgeous sofa.

4. Choose closed storage.

    Pets can get nosy and they always seem to be searching for the most comfortable nook in your home. Sometimes it’s not a problem, but if your cat or dog has a trouble-making streak, closed storage will make your life easier. Now you won’t have to worry about treats getting eaten or important items getting chewed.

5. Removable duvet covers for comfy snuggles.

    Protect your comforter from fur, paw prints, or even occasional pet barf by using removable duvet covers or slips. In case of any accidents, you can easily remove the slip and throw it in a washing machine. Use on beds or sofas – a great alternative if you’re not too keen on throw blankets.

6. Remember these when shopping for rugs.

    To make your life infinitely easier when co-habiting with a pet, go for rugs that are in dark colors, have small patterns, and easy-to-scrub color-fast fibers. Dark colors and small patterns hide stains better than lighter colored rugs or large patterns. You’ll also want rugs that can be scrubbed without sacrificing color pay-off in the long run.

7. Relax.

    You live with pets. Everyday will be unpredictable. Don’t strive for perfection and choose practical yet stylish options. It will make life easier for you and your beloved pets.

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Home remodeling tips for 2016

Home remodeling tips

home remodeling tipsRemodeling your home is always a good idea if you’re looking to update your property. It can be an extravagant renovation or a simple upgrade that will make your life easier and will give your home a fresh spin. Before you start your project, here are a couple of remodeling tips to bear in mind.

1. Hire people who understand what you want to achieve. As your home is the largest investment you’ll ever make in your life, it pays in the long term to surround yourself with people who understand the vision for your remodeling project.

A team of experts and professionals who get what you want will make it easier for you to achieve your desired finished product.

2. Dream big. For one moment, don’t think about financial constraints. List down all the things you want in your home, and then cross out everything you can live without.

Now that you have your must-haves, prioritizing remodeling projects will be easier and can even help you drive up your property’s value.

3. Plan accordingly. This is where the financial aspect comes in. Before you start drilling holes and installing upgrades, have a couple of contractors come through to give you a quote on everything.

This will help you research properly and plan out your remodeling project well, from choosing the right kind of materials to upgrades that will increase your the property value.

4. Avoid fads. Dream big, but think in the long term and avoid any kind of renovations that may go in and out of style in a short period of time. Be bold, but don’t forget your home’s resale value. You can still go all out and, at the same time, lend your property a timeless feel that will resonate to a large group of potential buyers.

5. Don’t be afraid to repurpose. Renovating your home doesn’t mean you have to throw out and replace everything. Consider items that you can use again, and look up DIY projects that can give these items a fresh look.

Remodeling a home is always an exciting step in every homeowner’s life. Consider these tips and I wish you all the success in your project.


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