A closer look at the Kalorama Triangle Historic District

For most people, Kalorama Triangle is just another D.C. neighborhood oozing with old colonial charm. Well-manicured gardens look immaculate, and the trimmed gardens and marble fountains lend this sophisticated enclave another layer of elegance.

For locals, however, Kalorama Triangle means so much more. It’s a community full of character, history — a neighborhood you definitely don’t want to miss.

A trip down memory lane
An established neighborhood, Kalorama Triangle began spreading its roots in the late 19th century. Then, the community was already being populated with dignified buildings. Real estate during the early days of Kalorama Triangle was a lively mix of modest apartments and grand residences.

Plans for urban development took shape in the late 1880s, but these plans did not materialize until ten years later. Kalorama Triangle slowly shed its rural character in favor of more cosmopolitan tastes. Streetcar lines were established, existing roads redesigned, and construction of several infrastructures bloomed until the turn of the century.

As Kalorama Triangle became more urbane, the housing stock in the neighborhood expanded. Rowhouses and apartment buildings popped up for the middle-class market. Meanwhile, high society retreated to their grand mansions in Sheridan-Kalorama, known that time as the wealthiest neighborhood in all of Washington, D.C.

Kalorama Triangle’s most popular residents
For such an esteemed neighborhood, it’s no surprise Kalorama Triangle served (and still serves) as the home of a number of luminaries and people who made a mark on American history. Some of Kalorama Triangle’s most popular residents since its early days include

  • Jeanette Rankin, the first woman to be elected to Congress
  • Samuel W. Woodward and Alvin M. Lothrop, co-founders of the Woodward & Lothrop department store
  • George Truesdell, engineer and developer
  • Thomas Fuller, architect

Today, Kalorama Triangle continues to attract some of the best and the brightest in the country.

Kalorama Triangle and the 21st century
Today, Kalorama Triangle is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. Aside from its affluence, history, and architectural variety, one thing that makes Kalorama Triangle a dynamic and urban neighborhood are its people.

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